NHBBNew Hampshire Ball Bearings
NHBBNew Harvest Bluegrass Band (est. 2003)
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Another important benefit of being a distributor for NHBB and other leading bearing manufacturer is the ability to cut lead-time for IBSCO customers.
NHBB wanted the benefits of a large coolant filter, without sacrificing flexibility or ensured continuous operation.
Using the zone concept in the design stage and working closely with the equipment manufacturer, NHBB put the coolant-management system into operation in March 1987.
Based in Chatsworth, CA, NHBB operates three manufacturing facilities in the United States and employs more than 1,300 people.
At NHBB, regeneration is performed automatically once a week (Saturday at noon).
Melvin Power, NHBB plant engineer, has seen significant reduction in maintenance requirements in the race-grinding department.
NHBB employs 245 professionals at its California location.
I've been in manufacturing my entire life," said the quality control employee at NHBB.
In addition, NHBB will invest a minimum of $187,850 over the next year on a supplemental environmental project which goes beyond the requirements of existing law and which will result in a substantial reduction in NHBB's waste stream.
NHBB produces specialty and custom precision rod ends, sphericals, composite components and miniature and instrument bearings, as well as ball and cylindrical roller bearings.
Yomantas' return to NHBB as president in 1993 was at the request of the parent company, Minebea, to lead its manufacturing operation to world-class status.
However, NHBB is relatively small compared to the ball bearing giant Minebea, headquartered in Tokyo and traded on the Tokyo exchange.