NHBICNational Hispanic Business Information Clearinghouse (Denver, CO)
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Gold at the launch event, a luncheon hosted by the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, reflected the role of Western Union as the primary corporate sponsor of the NHBIC program.
The NHBIC serves this mission by helping to empower a population that has always had an entrepreneurial ethic but frequently lacked access to fundamental information, best practices and training.
NHBIC special features include pre-screened and categorized business content translated in English and Spanish; custom search engine aimed at top business resources; links to local and national resources; plus and online training videos, templates, tools and resources.
NHBIC was founded by Salvador Gomez, president and CEO of Source One Management, an information management company started in 1985.
NHBIC national network of partners includes the League of United Latin American Citizens, U.
Technology is another category aspiring business owners will find helpful, says NHBIC President Michael Barrera, in addition to links to local and national government agencies, business associations, and NHBIC's network of Latino organizations around the country.
NHBIC, a not-for-profit organization, launched its bilingual web site in 2007 to provide information to Hispanics starting or expanding a business.
The NHBIC was designed to provide clarity and access to that information for communities that have not historically enjoyed such access.
The NHBIC and subsequent clearinghouses go to the core of helping diverse individuals and communities around the world realize their potential and improve their futures through business innovation, education and training," said Michael L.