NHBPEPNational High Blood Pressure Education Program
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ore the study began, all clinic nurses received a refresher course on the measurement of office BP according to NHBPEP guidelines.
The research assistant also took paired office BP measurements, which were strictly standardized to comply with NHBPEP guidelines.
The NHBPEP has helped to improved blood pressure control, contributing to a 50 percent decrease in deaths from coronary heart disease and a 57 percent decrease in deaths from stroke over the last 20 years.
7) The NHBPEP consists of a network of groups interested in the prevention and control of hypertension.
The NHBPEP (1996) reports that obesity contributes to hypertension and to an increased risk for CHD.
The poor control of ISH is primarily the result of inadequate systolic blood pressure control, notes the NHLBI and the NHBPEP.
Coordinated by NHLBI with support from federal agencies, state and local health departments, and voluntary organizations, the NHBPEP has led to improvements in blood pressure control that have contributed to a 50% decrease in stroke and a 35% decrease in coronary heart disease since 1972 [11].
The percentile charts based on gender, age and height provided by NHBPEP were used for classification of blood pressure.