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8: OWB honoree Muriel Schadee talks with NHBR Publisher and President of McLean Communications Sharron McCarthy.
At the start of the actual summit, NHBR and other media were asked to leave by a representative from Senator Ayotte's office who explained the federal agencies in attendance would not speak in front of the press.
We urge companies to consider taking part in NHBR's Workplace Excellence Awards program," said Sharron McCarthy, president of McLean Communications and publisher of NHBR.
Added NHBR Editor Jeff Feingold: "In a world of continuously shrinking margins, a quality workplace experience is critical to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.
NHBR editor Jeff Feingold praised this year's winners not only for the success of their companies, but for their dedication to the state's greater business community.
In addition, the 25th member was inducted into the NHBR Business Excellence Hall of Fame.
From left to right: NHBR sales rep Karen Bachelder, event coordinator Amanda Andrews, NHBR sales rep Cynthia Stone, digital media specialist Morgen Connor and events marketing manager Erica Hanson.
4: NHBR Editor Jeff Feingold welcomes the business community to the sixth annual Health Care Forum held by NHBR.
The Awards also Induct members Into Its NHBR Business Excellence Hall of Fame, the Individuals that have made a profound and lasting Impact on New Hampshire's business community and the state with their many years of service and dedication.
Nominations for the 2014 NHBR Business Excellence Awards will be accepted April-August 2014.
Small businesses are the lifeblood of New Hampshire's economy, and the Business Excellence Awards celebrate the people who run those businesses," said Jeff Feingold, editor of NHBR.
8: From left, NHBR Publisher Sharron McCarthy; Jason Alexander, managing partner at BANK W Holdings LLC, parent of KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting; Anna Johnson; Kathy Kittle; Ed Garside; John Gargasz; Marjorie Thorpe; Elin Treanor; Jason Kroll, managing partner at BANK W Holdings LLC; and NHBR Editor Jeff Feingold.