NHCAANational Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
NHCAANew Hampshire Community Action Association
NHCAANew Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action
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Nick has served NHCAA for several years, sharing his wide-ranging experience and keen legal insights and we are delighted that he will be leading NHCAA as we enter our fourth decade of protecting and serving the public interest against health care fraud," said Louis Saccoccio, Chief Executive Officer of NHCAA.
Her dedication to the fight against health care fraud and abuse coupled with her strong partnerships with others in the industry are an asset to WellPoint and the NHCAA.
For more information on the NHCAA Annual Training Conference, please click here.
In acknowledging his work, Aetna's Senior Director of the SIU and 2014 Chair of the NHCAA Board of Directors Ralph Carpenter said, "From the day Dr.
NHCAA and its members are proud to have Kathy Leff serve as the 2015 Board of Directors Chair.
Ralph is an extraordinary leader and NHCAA and its members are very proud to have him serve as the 2014 Board Chair.
We salute all of the recipients of the Investigation of the Year Award for their exhaustive, dogged work to bring these particularly unethical perpetrators to justice," stated NHCAA Executive Director Louis Saccoccio.
The NHCAA Annual Training Conference is recognized as the single most important health care anti-fraud national training venue.
Cicio's work, WellPoint's Director of Enterprise Investigations and 2013 Chair of the NHCAA Board of Directors Alanna Lavelle had this to say: "Over the years Dr.
Legislation (HR 4199, the "Patient Health and Real Medication Access Cost Savings Act of 2009") that would force plans to include in their networks pharmacies that have been banned from federal programs "runs counter" to preventing fraud, according to NHCAA.
NHCAA is proud to honor the WellPoint team with this year's Investigative Excellence Award.
A white paper published by NHCAA also raised serious questions about the kind of legislative proposals promoted by the independent drugstore lobby.