NHCENon-Highly Compensated Employee (qualified retirement plans)
NHCENormal Human Cervical Epithelial
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the rate group is 50%, (73) and the NHCE proportion is 37.
Consequently, an HCE has a different adjustment than an NHCE.
A rate group for a particular HCE includes all participants, both HCEs and NHCEs, who have an allocation rate equal to or greater than the HCE.
In lieu of the general test that tests contributions to HCEs in comparison to the contributions for NHCEs, a defined contribution plan can test contributions on the benefits such contributions could theoretically provide.
401(a)(4), because the HCEs did not gain any benefit that they would not have had if the new provision had actually been in effect in earlier years, and the amendment's timing did not favor HCEs over NHCEs.
Strangely enough, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a helpful partner in boosting NHCE participation.
And the change in the testing rules allows plan sponsors to use the previous year's data to calculate the NHCE deferral rate for the upcoming year.
NHCE director, Douglas Duncan, said: "The actual unit itself is now incorporated into the fleet of these launch and recovery vessels.
And NHCE also provided engineering solutions for car giant Nissan prior to the credit crunch, when it had a 10-month waiting list for its Qashqai.
For example, if a plan failed the ADP test in 1996 and corrected it by adding QNECs in 1997 (for the 1996 year), could the corrected NHCE ADP numbers be used as the basis for the 1997 prior-year data?
For most plans, the maximum disparity between the HCEs and the NHCEs in either test is two percentage points above the NHCE average deferral percentage.