NHCLCNational Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
NHCLCNew Horizons Computer Learning Center
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But the plaintiffs argue that it's the defendants that rendered NHCLC Seattle--referred to in the litigation as Seattle--unprofitable.
He was supposed to just handle NHCLC Seattle LLC--the former United--and would mainly concentrate on the company's wMicrosoft business.
But that was all part of the "manipulation," the suit charges, to make sure NHCLC Seattle was not profitable, so the deferred payments wouldn't have to be made.
The NHCLC will offer a $5,000 scholarship for the duration of three years to any Hispanic student who is interested in attending William Jessup University and pursuing a higher education degree.
As an exclusive partner, WJU is the first university in California to join the growing initiative developed by the NHCLC.
William Jessup University is uniquely positioned in northern California to deliver a culture of faith based on multi-ethnicity while engaging young people in a biblical worldview," said Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, NHCLC President.
Critics have nonetheless slapped the NHCLC with the label of "pro-amnesty," and organizations that have hardline positions on immigration reform view it with a skeptical eye.
Mehlman, like others skeptical of the NHCLC, contended some groups who purport to have the best interests of Hispanics in mind are driven by a business lobby looking for cheap labor.
Thomas Bresnan, CEO of New Horizons Worldwide will replace Charles Kinch as President of NHCLC , who has resigned, and Kenneth Hagerstrom, President of the Company-owned Center Division will become Executive Vice President of NHCLC.