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NHDNational History Day
NHDNational Hydrography Dataset
NHDNatural Heritage Division
NHDNon-Homogeneity Detector
NHDNeocron Holo-Deck (online gaming clan)
NHDNational Heritage Database
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The Summer Institute is a professional development program within NHD that is usually reserved just for teachers, but this year it was opened as a prototype for students and teachers as co-learners, Claunch explained.
In initial attempts to establish unique generalization sequences adapted to a range of landscape types in the coterminous United States as evidenced by the statistical clustering, a sample of NHD subbasins was selected, characterized by three terrain regimes (flat, hilly or mountainous), and by two precipitation regimes (dry or humid) (Table 1).
A comparison of the 1:24K NHD to the survey points collected showed that 70% were within 15 feet of the stream banks.
Once a generalization knowledge base for the NHD is developed, subsequent research will investigate terrestrial classification systems that can inform the tailored generalization sequences to furnish a database of blended generalization parameters, constraints, and operations that produce 50K LoDs with smooth transitions over landscape boundaries.
The NHD is one of only two documents legally required by the state of California that protects a buyer in today's tough real estate environment.
This year, more than a half a million middle and high school students participated in the NHD program, which allows students to improve upon their critical thinking, problem-solving, research, reading, oral and written communication and presentation skills.
Prior to this settlement, the NHDS was not listed as a real estate settlement service subject to RESPA; the NHDS was not generally treated as a settlement cost to be paid through escrow; and transactions often closed without an NHD report.
For more information contact: Brett Schaeffer NHD Inc.
Army Heritage Center Foundation, Carlisle; the state coordinator for NHD in Pennsylvania.
A recent study conducted by the research firm Rockman et al, found that students who participate in the NHD program outperform their peers on state standardized tests in multiple subjects, including reading, science, math and social studies.
They pointed to a new study by Rockman, et al, which finds students who participate in NHD become better writers and critical thinkers, and learn 21st century college- and career-readiness skills they can take into the competitive workforce.