NHDOTNew Hampshire Department of Transportation
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NHDOT recently made the decision to begin anti-icing treatments this year on a specific section of Interstate 93 near Manchester.
Documents related to the 10-year plan will be available for review on the NHDOT website prior to the first public hearing or by contacting the agency's Bureau of Planning and Community Assistance at 603-271-3344.
The NHDOT laboratory tests materials used in construction projects in the state, a field in which relatively few labs have implemented LIMS up to this point.
And earlier this year NHDOT officials told the Legislature that despite resurfacing more than 600 miles a year, the imbalance is projected to persist.
These positive results in locating deteriorated zones of bridge decks with GPR data from high-resolution, ground-coupled antennas are encouraging and have provided an incentive to the NHDOT to continue active research in this area.
An additional 165 state-maintained bridges are registered by the NHDOT as being in poor condition, defined as "structurally deficient" or "functionally obsolete.
As director of planning at NHDOT, it was Ansel Sanborn's job to explain the process to the members of the newly minted CAC, many of whom knew next to nothing about transportation planning, what a long-range plan is, how it is developed, and what it is supposed to do.
That list is growing, with hundreds more bridges in a poor condition, according to NHDOT, and the funding necessary to keep up is scarce.
Description: NHDOT approached the City and Guilford RR in 1999, regarding the need to upgrade the railroad crossing on Market Street near its intersection with Russell Street.
This level of paving and pavement preservation work is what we should be doing on an annual basis to maintain the current conditions of New Hampshire's state highways," said NHDOT Assistant Commissioner Bill Cass.
The new system will deliver E-ZPass billing, collection, enforcement and customer service operations including a redesigned website and a new mobile app for NHDOT customers.
NHDOT is not alone in terms of needing to not just track the current condition but model what we expect the future condition to be with different levels of investment.