NHDOTNew Hampshire Department of Transportation
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NHDOT s options include the ability to renew for up to three additional three-year operational periods.
Up to 50 jobs will be created to service the project, which will be supported by a local Cubic operation providing service to customers and ensuring a close day-to-day partnership with NHDOT.
What: NHDOT seeks input on the final set of transportation alternatives for solutions to transportation challenges that involve bus and rail and intercity rail options in the 73-mile corridor between Boston and Concord.
An additional 165 state-maintained bridges are registered by the NHDOT as being in poor condition, defined as "structurally deficient" or "functionally obsolete.
NHDOT set up offline training sessions to educate CAC members unfamiliar with the transportation planning process and focused committee meetings on what the CAC wanted to talk about.
NHDOT District Two requires vendor to supply and install components of an Adaptive Signal System with the ability to count vehicles and pedestrians, and to be able to view the system remotely via a cable modem connection at the intersections listed below.
You have assumed the helm at NHDOT during a very difficult time both economically and politically.
This RFB is lor work to be completed in NHDOT District Four for supplying and installing approximately 5.
The elimination of the $30 motor vehicle registration surcharge in the latest budget cycle resulted in a $100 million annual hit to the NHDOT, which led the department to eliminate 200 positions and reduce the highway maintenance budget by 11 percent this year and 13 percent in 2012, said Boynton.
The intent of this RFI is to provide the NHDOT with an assessment and understanding of the back
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin NHDOT Spaulding Tnpk--Newington
The glitches, PR problems and almost nonexistent customer service continue plague a high-tech toll collection system that has been anything but easy for NHDOT