NHDRNational Healthcare Disparities Report (US DHHS)
NHDRNational Human Development Report
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NHDRNatural Hazard Disclosure Report (various locations)
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The NHDR notes that more coordination is needed in order to achieve gender equality and women's empowerment," the report said.
This Green Index would have the components of NHDR of India plus the ELI components minus the common components of NHDR & ELI.
Human development experts of the UNDP Regional Bureau in Bratislava have informed the participants on essential principles of the NHDR preparation.
The NHDR will contain actionable recommendations that are linked to Qatar's NDS 2011-2016.
2002; NHDR, 2003) and lived in low income communities (Collins et al.
Tenders are invited for Transposing the recommendations of UNDP NHDR Report (Scenario 4) to the National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2015-2020.
The NHDR survey data shows that 51 percent of the tenants get locked into debt dependence on the landlord, and out of these, 57 percent are obliged to work as labourers on the landlord's farm without wages, while 14 percent work for a wage below the market rate [Hussain, et al.
The first NHDR also distinguished between disparity and inequity, concluding that not all differences observed at the individual level necessarily reflect inequity (U.
The NHDR 2014 will focus on the development challenges with regard to youth.
For those of you who are new to these reports, a little background: the NHQR and NHDR are congressionally mandated reports that have been produced by AHRQ since 2003.