NHDSCNational Hot Dog & Sausage Council (since 1994; Washington, DC, USA)
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As part of the new charcuterie guide debut, the NHDSC will also run a contest in October for the best charcuterie photos.
In addition to the charcuterie guide and contest, the NHDSC has several new recipes available on its website including October's mixed sausage grill.
The New York hot dog has to be the early favorite based on its history," said Janet Riley, NHDSC President, "but at a time when Americans are looking for unique flavors, the New England dog could pull the upset.
The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council is pleased to see large quantities of mustard and ketchup being dispensed in our nation's ballparks, but it is our hope that it is children who are enjoying ketchup on their dogs, not adults," says Janet Riley, NHDSC president and the Queen of Wien.
Throughout the years, hamburgers and hot dogs have maintained their 'rolls' as great American foods," according to Janet Riley, senior vice president of public affairs and professional development for AMI and president of the NHDSC.