NHE1Na/H Exchanger Isoform 1
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The cdB3 and NHE1 cleavage contributes to the alteration of the hydrogen ions concentration, as HC[O.
Renal tubular epithelial cell apoptosis is associated with caspase cleavage of the NHE1 [Na.
It has been found that net acid extrusion from VSMCs in rat and mice mesenteric small arteries is mediated by the NHE1 and the Na [sup]+ -HCO [sub]3[sup]− -cotransporter NBC.
By means of the microspectrofluorimetry technique, we have provided straightforward and convincing pharmacological and physiological evidence, for the 1 [sup]st time, that NHE1 and NBC, are functionally responsible for acid extrusion following induced intracellular acidosis in HUASMCs.
In the HUASMCs, we found that the activity of NHE1 is larger than that of NBC in the pH [sub]i value of acidosis (~6.
Other subjects presented include cell death mechanisms in pancreatitis, the role of NHE1 in the control of apoptotic pathways, and molecular characterization and evolution of lipopolysaccharide-induced apoptotic pathways in sponges.