NHEERLNational Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (US EPA)
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Crofton, Neurotoxicology Division, MD-B105-04, NHEERL, U.
Both PFOS and PFOA cause neonatal mortality, and it is tempting to suggest that they have the same mode of action, but in reality, they may not at all," points out John Rogers, chief of the Developmental Biology Branch of the NHEERL Reproductive Toxicology Division.
The EPA is currently conducting such studies and has replicated findings showing that PFOA suppresses the primary immune response, says Robert Luebke, a research biologist with the NHEERL Immunotoxicology Branch.
This research was supported in part by the intramural research program of the NIEHS, NIH, with primary support from the NHEERL, U.
Environmental Protection Agency, NHEERL, MD-B143-01, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 USA, 919-541-1821, email: selgrade.