NHEONational Hispanic Entrepreneurs' Organization (est. 2008)
NHEONatural Heritage Element Occurrence (ecology; North Carolina)
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The vast possibilities of a great future will only become a reality if we make ourselves responsible for that future," said event organizer Juan Pablo Giometti, president and CEO of NHEO.
Juan Pablo Giometti, President and CEO, NHEO (Accelerating Social Impact)
High-potential entrepreneurs nominated by NHEO will qualify for the second round of the Fellowship program application process, as well as receive guidance and technical assistance during the application process.
The June 24th reception is open to entrepreneurs, students, and professionals looking to network with their peers, explore new skills-building opportunities, and learn more about joining the NHEO community.
Joseph Mazzola, Dean of the Belk College of Business, Susan Burguess, City of Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem, and Juan Pablo Giometti, NHEO President and CEO.
Dalia's participation in NHEO Forum Atlanta 2010 is an extension of PR Newswire's continuing effort to deliver a comprehensive suite of communications tools and strategies that enable communicators to engage and interact with the largest and fastest growing minority group in the U.
This is a great opportunity to work towards building the next generation of strong entrepreneurs," says Founder and CEO of NHEO.
This kind of activity will help foster new possibilities and initiatives for Hispanic entrepreneurs in the US to achieve their dreams," says Founder and CEO of NHEO.
To sign up for the NHEO Forum Atlanta 2010, or for additional information, please visit http://www.
Keynote speakers at the NHEO Atlanta Forum 2010 will include Rafael Andino, founder of Biofisica, Inc.
For more information, or to sign up for the NHEO Forum Atlanta 2010-Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, please visit http://www.
I am excited that NHEO is up and ready for business," said Giometti, president and CEO of the organization.