NHEPNew Hampshire Estuaries Project (est. 1995)
NHEPNew Haven Ecology Project (New Haven, CT)
NHEPNew Hampshire Employment Program
NHEPNew Human Experience Project (Suzy Miller workshop)
NHEPNuclear Hardness Evaluation Procedures Program
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Study details Year TGP THEP NGP NHEP Reference Sweden (market 1999 523 Darnerud et based) al.
1 years for the THEP, which is exposed to high proportions of the more rapidly eliminated p,p'-DDT, to 6 years for the NHEP, for which p,p' -DDE is the major compound ingested.
Concentrations in the NHEP, which are based on measurements in various regions in Greenland, show higher variability than values for the NGP.
The total uptake in the THEP exceeds the total uptake in the TGP by about a factor of 5, and total uptake in the NHEP exceeds uptake in the NGP by a factor of 12.
This route represents the sum of exposure by consumption of marine and freshwater fish and, in the case of the NHEP, also includes marine mammals.