NHERNational Home Energy Rating (UK)
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NHER energy assessors' skills, contacts and enthusiasm could and should be harnessed to communicate information at a local level.
Austin Baggett, head of the NHER scheme, says: "The irony is, brand new homes are very well insulated and designed to be energy efficient, and they perform head and shoulders better than older properties.
NHER is calling for future revisions to Building Regulations to impose new minimum energy standards for the installation of appliances in new homes.
The NHER conference is being held at the Royal College of Physicians in London on 4-5 February.
Further information on the NHER Conference, including a full programme and booking forms, can be downloaded from the NHER website: www.
Responding to the announcement yesterday from the Department for Communities and Local Government, Austin Baggett, Head of the NHER scheme, says:
Copies of the report will then be available free of charge from NES or can be downloaded from the NHER website: http://www.
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