NHEXASNational Human Exposure Assessment Survey
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with NHEXAS data) are presented in Table S7; for the regional-scale analysis, relative error was 35-42%, depending on age and percentile.
Additional contribution analysis results with NHEXAS Region 5 data are presented in Figure S6.
The coupled SHEDS-IEUBK estimates compared well against BLL data from NHANES and NHEXAS (0-23% and ~ 36-42% relative error, respectively), despite compiling different input data sets not originally intended for this purpose.
Edo Pellizzari, principal investigator for the NHEXAS pilot study.
Although the main purpose of the NHEXAS pilot study is to find the best way to conduct a national human exposure assessment survey, the pilot study will also advance the science of risk assessment by providing a direct measure of people's exposure to toxic chemicals.
EPA has awarded cooperative agreements to other institutions as well to carry out different phases of the NHEXAS program.
Percentile Data Source n Mean [++or--] 25th 50th 75th 95th SD Comparison of tAs intake ([mu]g/kg/day) of NHEXAS duplicates and SHEDS results NHEXAS 156 0.
723 [micro]g/kg/day, respectively) were very comparable to As intakes from the NHEXAS duplicate food study (0.
Our modeling assessment advances the science by using the large and recent databases from NHANES, TDS, NHEXAS, and the Natural Resources Defense Council to estimate As intake for the U.
2001; Vahter 1999), which accounts for the combination of correlations observed between the various AS forms ingested and DMA and MMA in urine from NHEXAS subjects.
Field blanks were included in the NHEXAS study, and results indicated that no major contamination was associated with the vessels used to collect, store, and process the samples.