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The NHF commissioned research which suggests that the proportion of home ownership in England could decline from its current rate of 67 per cent to 63.
New analysis from NHF shows that the average house price in England is now8.
In addition to the outstanding notes, NHF has a $125 million revolving credit facility with State Street Bank and Trust Company.
NHF and the Salim Group are heavyweights in the region as well as the world.
The latest figures come three years after the NHF predicted that more than 100,000 young people would leave the English countryside by 2012, because of a "chronic shortage" of affordable housing.
Only Sheffield, Bradford, Newham, Leeds, Ealing, Manchester, Rotherham, Bolton and Brent have a higher social housing demand, the NHF claims.
The NHF said the average income of prepayment customers was pounds 16,000.
The council insisted its data is correct and says it will be asking the NHF to explain how it arrived at its figures.
The NHF said the rate of home ownership had fallen in recent years due to high house prices, the need for larger deposits and stricter lending criteria set by banks.
Stephanie Munro, from the NHF, said: "The British Open Championships is an unrivalled event with over 20 categories for people to enter.
But the NHF said homeowners should be optimistic, with prices starting to recover in 2011, and reaching 13 per cent above their current level by 2013.