NHFGNew Hampshire Fish and Game
NHFGNational Halal Food Group (UK)
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Time of death, NHFG seal number, and the relative amount of ticks leaving the carcass were recorded at the beginning of each count; biological data and sample region were identified from the seal number.
These were compared to ratios calculated the previous fall from moose hunter and deer hunter surveys conducted by NHFG.
NH Bank's direct parent, NHFG, is supervised as a financial holding company by the FSS, while NH Bank's ultimate parent, NACF, is supervised by the Food and Agriculture Ministry, which inspects each NACF unit over the course of a three-year schedule.
We are sincerely grateful to the biologists and conservation officers of the NHFG and the many field technicians from the University of New Hampshire who were vital to the project's success.
In particular we would like to thank Kristine Rines, NHFG moose biologist.
Kristine Bontaites, NHFG moose biologist, was essential in creating and implementing this project.