NHGNationale Hypotheek Garantie
NHGNederlands Huisartsen Genootschap (Dutch: Dutch General Practitioners Society; Utrecht, Netherlands)
NHGNational Healthcare Group (Singapore hospitals)
NHGNaturhistorische Gesellschaft (German: Natural History Society)
NHGNew High German
NHGNational Herb Garden (Washington, DC)
NHGNeighbourhood Help Group
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Michelle Canada, vice president of NHG Human Resources, has over 25 years of HR leadership experience.
To briefly illustrate the idea, Figure 1 shows a simplified version of how Riehemann (1998: 64) designs the inheritance hierarchy involving NHG -bar derivation.
The hexagonal box with the bright pink floral liner gives the product a very special commemorative presentation," says Loffler, who also notes that the bottle, sprayer and clear flush over cap were all supplied by NHG.
Grade 2 cows to pounds 945 for South Devon crosses from NHG & IM Price, Portskewett.
Although once the preferred model for Himalayan leucogranite formation, vapour-present melting of Himalayan sequences has since been largely abandoned in favour of vapour-absent melting of micas to explain the genesis of the HHL and NHG.
A pounds 5 Daily Post discount per passenger is offered by quoting code YGT for The Cumbrian Mountain Express (adult return from pounds 79), or code NHG for The North Wales Coast Express (adult return from pounds 55).
A pounds 5 Daily Post & Echo discount per passenger is offered by quoting code YGT for The Cumbrian Mountain Express or NHG for North Wales Coast.
There are buyers, housing corporations, banks, mortgage advisers, NHG, real estate agents involved in this process.
The NHG guarantee is provided by a Dutch government sponsored institution, the WEW - Homeownership Guarantee Fund," DBRS said adding that the guarantee covers for potential losses of mortgage loans after the foreclosure process.
We are working with the Hougang Polyclinic which is part of the NHG healthcare cluster to create a medical clinic which will have the best examples of medical practices as well as have an improved flow between patients and staff and KM&T will teach the staff to repeat and share their learnings across the other eight polyclinics.
NHG Bahn) but seems to be more than a little undermined by the translator's own note, where he writes' I have only found one reference heiles ban (Parzival 316,11), in which the the sense is clearly "destroyer of fortune"'(p.