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NHGRINational Human Genome Research Institute
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Green: NHGRI continues to support the development of low-cost DNA sequencing technologies.
Collins' 15-year tenure at the institute, given that initially he was brought to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to lead the Human Genome Project, the core activity on which the NHGRI was founded, and which led to the need for protection from genetic discrimination.
NHGRI is one of the 27 institutes and centers at the National Institutes of Health.
Green, 42, came to NHGRI in 1994 and was appointed the chief of the Genome Technology Branch in 1996.
NHGRI included a US-operated database, PIR--a joint effort between Georgetown Univ.
The purpose of the NHGRI grant program is to significantly reduce the cost of genome sequencing while improving both accuracy and speed, while significantly reducing the cost of sequencing a genome.
With four years of additional support, NHGRI is building on a longstanding commitment to developing freely available genomics resources available for use by the scientific community.
senior investigator in the NHGRI Genetic Disease Research Branch.
In August 2004, NHGRI the mouse as announced that it has added 18 new model organisms to its sequencing pipeline, including the orangutan, the African savannah elephant, the rabbit, and the domestic cat.
Landweber of Princeton University, a co-chair of an NHGRI panel.
In addition to the online version, NHGRI is also making the Spanish glossary available, free of charge, as a limited edition CD-ROM, to libraries and educators without access to the Internet.