NHHCSNational Home and Hospice Care Survey
NHHCSNative Hawaiian Health Care System
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Questions in both the NHHCS and NHHS asked about total career experience in the position of an administrator, as the administrator of a home health agency in the NHHCS and as the administrator of a nursing home in the NHHS.
The complexity of the design of the NHHCS required the use of estimation procedures that accounted for both unequal probability selection of patients and clustering of patient observations within hospices.
Physician services in the NHHCS referred to the physical evaluation or treatment by a licensed medical doctor employed by or affiliated with the hospice agency.
First, while the number of categories of care and the range of services received by patients may provide insight into the quality of care received by patients, not all services are of equal value to a patient, and the NHHCS data lack information regarding the quantity of each service provided, the overall quality of particular services provided, and patient preferences for services, which are important for interpreting the full implications of our findings.
For each sampled patient, the NHHCS identified all sources of (actual or expected) payment and the primary source of payment for charges in the previous billing period.
The NHHCS obtained information on the services provided to each sampled person during the prior billing period.