NHHDNative Health History Database (University of New Mexico)
NHHDNocturnal Home Hemodialysis
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David Brooks, the second patient to start NHHD (April 26, 1994) had his Uldall Cook catheter inserted by Dr.
This service has been available for NHHD patients since the therapy's inception in Canada, although the need for remote monitoring continues to be debated.
Fourteen years ago, the benefits of NHHD six times per week were not fully understood.
The literature demonstrates that NHHD performed six times per week is less expensive (if the cost of medications and hospitalization is included) than conventional dialysis in-centre, with improved patient outcomes (Kroeker et al.
The qualitative design used for this study was composed of semi-structured interviews and a focus group to explore patients' comprehension and experiences of NHHD training.
The participants were theoretically sampled (a sampling method that purposefully selects participants and research settings based on specific characteristics to vary the perspectives, isolate patterns, and formulate and develop conceptualizations and explanations) from a population of all patients with ESRD and caregivers who, at the time, were currently participating in, or had previously participated in, the NHHD program at Toronto General Hospital.
Participants were asked to describe in their own terms their experience in the NHHD training program, the teaching practices employed, and issues that were important to them as a trainee in the program.
Five main themes appeared central to the NHHD training experience, including anxiety, peer support, empathy and understanding from the clinician, learning while ill, and compatibility of patient learning preferences with current training practices (see Table 2).
NHHD allows patients to achieve a greater level of self-care and improve their chances for vocational rehabilitation opportunities (Agar et al.
The nurse can hold great power in the provision of services to the dialysis patient and it is clear that the choice of the best therapy, NHHD, is not being provided to all Australian dialysis patients who may benefit from NHHD.
NHHD occurs at night during sleep and can be performed six or seven times per week, which allows for one night off treatment each week.
I feel that NHHD [nocturnal home hemodialysis] has given me my life back" (Cagle et al.