NHHEAFNew Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation
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This meant NHHEAF was no longer the go-to organization for college-bound New Hampshire students, and also that they no longer exclusively served people in their home state.
Thus was born "Beyond 4 Barrell," a feature in NHHEAF's company newsletter, the NHHEAF Leaf (it rhymes).
On Fridays when the NHHEAF Leaf comes out, that's really what everyone is excited about, to see who's going to be featured and to hear their story," said Kris Bellerose, vice president of human resources.
The NHHEAF Network Organizations are comprised of four nonprofit corporations dedicated to helping New Hampshire students and families plan for and fund higher education.
Tara Payne is vice president for college planning and community engagement at The NHHEAF Network Organizations, Concord.
Comprised of four independent, non-profit organizations, the NHHEAF Network is NH's source of knowledge for everything college--for planning, career, admission, funding and career exploration information.
The organization also named Rosanyi Santos of UNH-Manchester with the first lames Bradley Memorial Scholarship, which recognizes and provides assistance to future public relations professionals, and presented the NHHEAF Network Organizations with the chapter's Summit Award, in recognition of the nonprofit organization's excellence in educating and engaging the public during a time of dramatic change in the student loan industry.
2: As part of its College Equals Opportunity campaign, the NHHEAF Network Organizations have awarded six $5,000 scholarships to New Hampshire students demonstrating significant leadership abilities.
That way, "the local nonprofits could continue the work they were doing to support the residents of individual states that had led to low default rates, that had led to excellence in college programs," said Tara Payne, vice president of college planning and community engagement at NHHEAF.
NHHEAF is the largest source of college lending in the state and an applicant for a servicing contract.
Payne attributed the rate to the customized, New Hampshire-oriented services NHHEAF offers, from sending personalized notes to borrowers to counseling Granite State students from kindergarten to senior year.