NHIFNational Health Insurance Fund (various countries)
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This contrasts with the NHIF, where a recent study demonstrated that 10% of households using health services faced catastrophic expenditures in 2003, with the NHIF not reducing catastrophic expenditures.
The 1-day think thank, which was held prior to the NHIF annual conference in Atlanta on November 16, 1988, was designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving in an open and unrestricted atmosphere.
The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) reiterated that it was only in favor of the update of the NHIF budget.
Borissov said that he would remove Goranov from the NHIF supervisory board to enable doctors to draw up their own spending plans for the fund's budget.
During the week, the Management Board of the NHIF has approved an update of its budget by BGN 328M.
It is especially satisfying to be recognized by such a credible group as NHIF.
The result could be that the NHIF would be the only distributor for basic health care packages, while private insurers would compete for the remaining coverage.
The NHIF decision, announced on January 26, means that these hospitals will have to rely on other sources of money-but, more likely, that they will close.
7 million in revenue in 2000 from the NHIF in Bulgaria while it reported $7.
In July 2010, KZK found that the NHIF had breached competition regulations by imposing on pharmacies prices for the sale of medicines contained in the NHIF Reimbursement List.
The Ministry's explanation is that by forcing Bulgarians to have their EHIC, which requires having a clean record at the NHIF, they would get better medical treatment abroad in case of an emergency.