NHIINational Health Information Infrastructure
NHIINational Heritage Investment Initiative (Australia)
NHIINational Health Insurance Institute (Slovenia)
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Johnson's NHII act has gained wide public support from organizations such as HIMSS, AHIMA, NAHIT (the National Alliance for Health Information Technology) and the eHealth Initiative.
Siemens supports the continuing efforts of HHS and the NHII initiative to establish a comprehensive knowledge-based network of interoperable systems of clinical, public health and personal health information that would improve decision-making by enabling health information to be available when and where it is needed.
AMIA members have been instrumental to date in guiding the NHII development: the initiative grew out of the 2001 AMIA Spring Congress, "Developing a Framework for the National Health Information Infrastructure," and was further detailed in "A Consensus Action Agenda for Achieving the National Health Information Infrastructure" in the July/August 2004 Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.
Our speakers will highlight the benefits of the NHII initiative, the progress of current initiatives, and the challenges we face in making NHII a reality over the next ten years.
The NHII, recently unveiled in Washington, DC, identifies personal health records and consumer-centric care as a core component.
Our work at HLI is aligned with implementing the NHII vision of interoperable health information expressed in the strategic plans discussed last week.
Marc Overhage from the Regenstrief Institute will be speaking about the goals of the National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) for quality improvement, specifically addressing how the NHII is working to improve patient safety and the quality of care.
The NHII system, according to Yasnoff, also has the potential to provide $131 billion of net savings.
Yasnoff stated that the benefits of this widespread NHII system are enormous.
According to Yasnoff, NHII is a "comprehensive knowledge-based network of interoperable systems that is capable of providing information for sound decisions about health when and where needed.
Department of Health and Human Services is doing to promote and encourage NHII implementation, and explore its key roles and benefits.