NHIPNational Health Insurance Program (Phlippines)
NHIPNorthern Health Information Partnership (Canada)
NHIPNew Hampshire Incentive Program (student financial assistance)
NHIPNew Hampshire Indoor Paintball (Nashua, NH)
NHIPNew Hampshire Immunization Program
NHIPNebraska Health Information Project (Omaha, NE)
NHIPNational Indigenous Health Information Plan (Australia)
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Moreover, to facilitate the validity of LHID2005, the NHIP in Taiwan has incorporated a cross-checking system with a full review of the clinical information by specialists.
Arsenia Torres, senior manager of PhilHealth's Social Health Insurance Academy (SHIA), emphasized the importance of the study visit, citing the delegates' need to explore and appreciate the NHIP and how it has become a success driver toward the Philippines' quest for universal health coverage.
Local government units assist by facilitating the enrollment with NHIP of families under their jurisdiction.
The NHA has hired services of GHK consultants, through NHIP (a World Bank Funded) project to further enhance the capabilities of NHA and its employees.
The IRR revision was primarily undertaken to streamline its administrative processes with the end in view of facilitating and hastening the disposition of administrative cases filed before the Corporation against healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and members for a more efficient implementation of the NHIP.
The approval of the bill will not only aid in the effective implementation of the NHIP but will also make universal care a reality in our country.
Our Lifetime Membership Program (LMP) is open to those who have made 120 monthly contributions to the NHIP, and have reached the age of retirement," Padilla said.
Region XI, especially Davao City, is definitely experiencing the impact that the NHIP is creating where addressing the health care needs of the Filipino people is concerned.
The new section mandates PhilHealth to ensure the enrollment of all PWDs who are not currently covered by the NHIP.
We appeal to our media partners to carefully understand how the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) works so that our members are constantly assured of PhilHealths capability to keep up with its commitment to the 93 million-strong Filipinos who rely on the NHIP for their health coverage.
Leachon (1st District, Oriental Mindoro) said his proposal complements constitutional and legal provisions to make access to the NHIP universal and compulsory.
Lanete (3rd District, Masbate), a medical doctor, said his proposal embodied in House Bill 5265 seeks to recognize that the benefits available under the current NHIP are not sufficient to perform PhilHealth's mandate to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos.