NHIPNational Health Insurance Program (Phlippines)
NHIPNorthern Health Information Partnership (Canada)
NHIPNew Hampshire Incentive Program (student financial assistance)
NHIPNew Hampshire Indoor Paintball (Nashua, NH)
NHIPNew Hampshire Immunization Program
NHIPNebraska Health Information Project (Omaha, NE)
NHIPNational Indigenous Health Information Plan (Australia)
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In line with these constitutional and legal provisions, this measure seeks to strengthen the mandatory PhilHealth coverage to all employees, particularly in the private sector by putting more teeth to the obligation of their private employers to register and/or enroll them in the NHIP so that access to PhilHealth insurance coverage will be truly universal and compulsory," said Leachon.
Leachon, a vice chairman of the House Committees on Good Government and Public Accountability, and on Millennium Development Goals, said his proposal ultimately strengthens Republic Act 9241 and RA 10606 which both amended RA 7875, otherwise known as the "National Health Insurance Act of 1995" by adding a penalty on the refusal or failure of employers in the private sector to register or enroll their employees to the NHIP.
Lanete (3rd District, Masbate), a medical doctor, said his proposal embodied in House Bill 5265 seeks to recognize that the benefits available under the current NHIP are not sufficient to perform PhilHealth's mandate to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos.
The approval of the bill will not only aid in the effective implementation of the NHIP but will also make universal care a reality in our country.
The NHA has hired services of GHK consultants, through NHIP (a World Bank Funded) project to further enhance the capabilities of NHA and its employees.