NHISNational Health Interview Survey
NHISNational Health Insurance Scheme (Ghana)
NHISNew Hampshire International Speedway
NHISNational Health Information System (various locations)
NHISNational Health Insurance System
NHISNatural Heritage Information System
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The 2012 survey is the third conducted by NCCIH and NCHS--previous surveys occurred as part of the 2002 and 2007 NHIS.
Under the NHIS, the federal government will append the health insurance premium for the tertiary-level health cover in addition to the secondary insurance cover provided by the provinces.
Comparisons were made between MOPBASSS and the NHIS, HBAS, and measles laboratory databases and included the average reporting delay (in days), the completeness of reporting, and the number of measles cases (a frequently reported syndrome common to all 4 systems).
The NHIS sample excludes individuals in the military or in institutions, leading to possible under- or overestimation of vaccination rates Also, the survey response rate was 66%, which could lead to sampling bias.
The NHIS is an annual survey of the noninstitutionalized population within the United States across ages, races, and sexes.
Conversely, the NHIS and MEPS are designed specifically to collect health information from the U.
There are 350,456 person records from the NHIS 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2003, and 2004 files listed previously.
Finally, the fact that we use 31 yr of the NHIS, which is the largest annual survey of U.
The 1995 and 2005 NHIS surveys are large and complex surveys consisting of a household survey, individual person survey and several supplements.
While we don't have any details about SMI's plans for NHIS, all sanctions for 2008 have been signed and finalized," NASCAR chairman Brian France said in a statement.