NHITNational Health Information Technology
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athenahealth has identified the following initiatives as its top NHIT priorities for the remainder of 2012, ones that will set the groundwork for ongoing, innovation-driven improvement in the coming years:
Supporting the mission of NHIT week to educate industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT for the U.
Since 2008, NHIT Collaborative has focused on the elimination of health disparities and attainment of optimal health for multicultural underserved communities.
EHR and telemedicine will continue to be two main focus areas for the Bush administration, thus the goals and strategies connected to the NHIT offices 10 year plan remain applicable and some progress has already been achieved on many of its action points
Patterson added that events like NHIT Week can keep the dialogue going and move all parties -- patients, providers, payers and vendors -- toward a solution that puts improved patient care first.
IT outlines the constituents of the National Health Information -- Infrastructure 10-year plan, launched by NHIT co-ordinator David Brailer.