NHLDNational Historic Landmark District (US NPS)
NHLDNumber of Calls Held (telephony)
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The difference in effective ages infers that more investment has occurred in the NHLD relative to the VHD.
This relationship is further illustrated by separating the data into two sub-sets, one containing properties in the NHLD and another for properties in the VHD.
This indicates that not only does the district have greater profit-making potential through renovation, but also that less investment has occurred relative to the NHLD for the same time period.
The offer price in cash represents a 32% premium over the company's closing price on 17 November 2015, the date before this proposal was presented to NHLD.
The primary data set, acquired from the Chatham County Tax Assessor, consists of 182 condominium transactions that occurred in the NHLD from 1995 to 2004.
Following the tender offer, the size of the board of directors of NHLD was reduced to seven members, eight of the current members of the board of directors of NHLD resigned and the five individuals designated by Fortress were appointed to the board of directors of NHLD.