NHLENag Hammadi Library in English (religious texts)
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As part of this agreement, OpSec will supply holographic security labels and hang tags to over 200 NHLE licensees in the United States and Canada, as well as provide database management and reporting on licensee sales to NHLE.
Ruth Gruhin, Director of Licensing and Trademark Compliance for NHLE, added, "We are pleased to be working with OpSec in launching our new product authentication program.
The NHLE retail license agreement gives Fotoball USA the right to imprint the names, symbols, logos, uniform designs and other indicia of each of the member teams of the NHL(R), as well as the name and likeness of the NHL All-Star game and Stanley Cup(R), (the "NHL Marks"), on hockey pucks displaying non-traditional logo designs which maintain the integrity of the NHL Marks while presenting them in a unique fashion, including the use of Chromium(R) graphics, among other technologies.