NHMBNew Homes Marketing Board (UK)
NHMBNot Holding My Breath
NHMBNational Hotel Motel Brokers
NHMBNan Hwa Marching Band (Sitiawan, Malaysia)
NHMBNatural History Museum in Berlin (Germany)
NHMBNairobi Health Management Board
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Chile: sin datos [Museo Nacional Santiago] 2 MNNC, 1 NHMB, Lonquimay [Museo Nacional Santiago] 1 MNNC (todos determinados por H.
14) La Noria (UTM 0528272 / 9471158, altitude 60 m JNMF with GPS): One male collected 16 December 1956 and one female collected 24 September 1958 by Walter Markl and held by the NHMB.
The latest YouGov poU conducted for the NHMB asked respondents how they would feel about living permanently in rented accommodation.
Rizzi retired as co-CEO of NHMB and president and CEO of Merrimack County Savings, effective Jan.
Succeeding Rizzi as president of Merrimack County Savings is Phil Emma, who also is executive vice president of NHMB.
New Homes Week, which is backed by the NHMB, will run from Sep 12-20 and will see developers across the UK unite in a promotional blitz to show the advantages of buying new and to highlight the many offers in place to help customers with the purchasing process.
David Pretty, chairman of the NHMB, said: "New homes are already much greener than older homes and they are getting greener all the time.
Laverack, president and CEO of Meredith Village Savings, will serve as co-CEOs of NHMB.
He further noted that the holotype and 1 paratype were deposited in MNHN and that the allotype and 1 paratype were deposited in NHMB.
Paratypes: 5[male] 5 [female] and 1 parasitised larva with same data as holotype (one pair in 70% ethanol, the rest dry and slide mounted, NHMB, SANC, ZSM).