NHMFNational Heritage Memorial Fund (UK)
NHMFNew Hampshire Music Festival
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Dame Jenny Abramsky, chair of the NHMF, added: "The overwhelming public support to help secure this stunning painting has been an inspiration.
One glaring example of ignoring its legacy occurred in 2008, when NHMF refused to organize a gathering in Tom Nee's memory.
Historically: NHMF has paid poor wages and provided Spartan living conditions; yet excellent musicians have returned summer after summer because of the music and the people.
Instead of musicians across the county thinking of the New Hampshire Music Festival as an idyllic setting for music-making with families and the community, tile'," now associate NHMF with National Labor Relations Board's unfair labor practices and unrest with the American Federation of Musicians.
NHMF needs to bring back the community involvement and administrative leadership that the organization enjoyed in the past and deserves in the future.
Maintaining its distinctiveness has been a problem for the NHMF ever since the cuckoo's egg of the Heritage Lottery Fund was laid in its nest by the government in 1994.
It can be argued, of course, that the HLF has occasionally supplanted the NHMF in this role, since it too can fund acquisitions, and has occasionally done so to spectacular effect, never more so than when the National Gallery, London, bought The Madonna of the Pinks last year.
The NHMF has fewer restrictions: it can make its awards on the basis simply of the quality of the asset under threat.
We are delighted that this has now been achieved and are deeply grateful to NHMF and the Art Fund for their support.
Since 1995, when the HLF was created, it and the NHMF have never between them spent more than 26.
4 million [pounds sterling] grant from the NHMF, and a very generous response to our public appeal (which raised no less than 8.