NHNPNahuel Huapi National Park (Argentina)
NHNPNormal Human Nasal Polyp
NHNPNon-Histone Nuclear Protein
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One of the main characteristics of the drainage in NHNP is that the rivers reach the Pacific Ocean via the Manso River Basin, and the Atlantic Ocean via Limay River Basin, the latter being the most important river in the park, which also includes the Nahuel Huapi Lake.
More recently, volcanic activity gave rise to the domes of Tertiary basaltic sediments of high altitude, such as the Cerro Tronador, the highest point in NHNP.
The dominant landscape in the NHNP is the Patagonia Forest that has a close phylogenetic relationship with eastern Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and other areas in the Oriental Region.
Insects are being sampled from a representative range of wetland biotopes throughout NHNP.
Both facilities will be available for use beyond the end of the project and provide a valuable legacy for biodiversity studies in NHNP for the future.
We are currently preparing a wetlands interpretive display at the APN information centre at Puerto Blest which will introduce the work of the project and illustrate the biodiversity, ecology and range of wetlands to be found in NHNP.
In general, the Simuliidae fauna of the NHNP and Patagonia shows a high degree of endemism with Cnesia, Cnesiamima, Paraustrosimulium (together with the Chilean taxa Araucnephia, Araucniphiodes) only found in this region (Coscaron & CoscaronArias, 1995).
To determine molecular characterization of NHNP cells we performed RT-PCRs of cell type-specific genes throughout the first three passages.
To ascertain if NHNP cells are suitable for neurotoxicologic studies, we characterized them for their expression of genes playing a role in xenobiotic metabolism.
Our objective was to investigate endocrine disruption of TH homeostasis in NHNP cells; thus we studied the expression of genes coding for thyroid hormone receptors (TR), retinoid acid (RAR), and retinoid X receptors (RXR), which are crucial molecules in hormone signal transduction.
To determine whether the TH-like effect of PCB-118 is mediated by TH receptors, we cotreated NHNP cells with 30 nM [T.
The present findings demonstrate that an individual PCB congener known to widely contaminate human populations can alter the course of neural differentiation in primary NHNP cells.