NHONæringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (Norwegian: Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise; also seen as CNBI; Oslo)
NHONever Heard Of
NHONational Hospice Organization
NHONational Health Observance (US DHHS)
NHONational Home Office (various organizations)
NHONew Hermit Order (gaming)
NHONew Hire Orientation
NHONew Housing Opportunities (Lebanon, OH)
NHONew Horizons Orchestra (various locations)
NHONorwegian Hospitality Association (trade group)
NHONew Horizon Minerals (stock symbol; Australia)
NHOHydrographic Office Publications (US Navy)
NHONigel Harman Online
NHONew Hope for Orphans (Cambodia)
NHONatural Hybrid Orbital (chemistry)
NHONantucket Housing Office (Nantucket, MA)
NHONavy Hydrographic Office
NHONext Highest Occupied
NHONotify House Officer
NHONative Health Organization (University of Hawai‘i)
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paternal lineage, we find Nho Augusto in a novena at the camp of Virgin
To put it schematically, the nonobjective canvases of a figure such as Yong lk Kim, once associated with the South Korean "monochrome" (tansaekhwa) movement of the '70s, might be opposed to the modest "magic realist" canvases of Won-hee Nho, which represent engaging but melancholy images of desire and frustration under conditions of rapid social change.
Revenue is below our forecast, which suggests price pressure was more severe than had been expected in products such as televisions and home appliances," said Nho Geun-chang, analyst at HMC Investment Securities in Seoul.
Earnings will be stronger in the current quarter as sales of the high-end Galaxy S III will increase dramatically and drive the telecom division's earnings to above 5tn won," the BBC quoted Nho Geun-Chang an analyst with HMC Investment Securities, as saying
Viet and his mother Nho travel from the small fishing village they call home to London and, while the little boy undergoes operations that will hopefully transform his life, his mother deals with anxiety and homesickness.
Viet and his mother Nho travel from the small fishing village they call home to London for operations that will hopefully transform his life.
His father, Nho Raul Andrade, was a renowned violinist in the area who taught music to his sons and eventually created a small family band that played at local weddings, funerals and baptism festivities.
Samsung's tablet business will be most affected and its chip business will also take a hit as Apple moves to diversify away from Samsung to the likes of Toshiba," said Nho Geun-chang, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities.
Henry Nho said: "LG's 3D Game Converter automatically recognizes the depth information based on the location of each object and separates the 2D graphic images for each eye.
Therefore, the genesis and etiopathogenesis of NHO were reviewed with the current literature for enlightening the studies directed towards the prevention of its formation and the development of therapeutic strategies.
In a statement to shareholders Marfrig said it is negotiating with the Grupo Globoaves for purchasing or leasing two small-sized plants suitable for free range chicken and duck slaughtering, which includes the businesses of rustic chicken, with the Nho Bento brand, and duck, with the Germania brand.