NHONæringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (Norwegian: Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise; also seen as CNBI; Oslo)
NHONever Heard Of
NHONational Hospice Organization
NHONational Health Observance (US DHHS)
NHONew Hire Orientation
NHONorwegian Hospitality Association (trade group)
NHONew Horizon Minerals (stock symbol; Australia)
NHONigel Harman Online
NHONew Hope for Orphans (Cambodia)
NHONatural Hybrid Orbital (chemistry)
NHONantucket Housing Office (Nantucket, MA)
NHONavy Hydrographic Office
NHONext Highest Occupied
NHONotify House Officer
NHONative Health Organization (University of Hawai‘i)
NHONational Home Office (various organizations)
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The American artist Jo Baer, for instance, is represented both by her own early monochromes and by her more recent erotic and sometimes scatological figurations, giving the lie to the dichotomy ostensibly posed in the pairing of Kim and Nho.
Without Apple's big backing, it would be difficult for Samsung to boost its chip market share sharply," said Nho at HMC.
Therefore, the genesis and etiopathogenesis of NHO were reviewed with the current literature for enlightening the studies directed towards the prevention of its formation and the development of therapeutic strategies.
Benvinda: Nho Juquinha, sometimes I saw him passing in the Lavradio St .
Coverage of the t-leg encounter at o, where Inter boss nho faces his b for the first time.
In a statement to shareholders Marfrig said it is negotiating with the Grupo Globoaves for purchasing or leasing two small-sized plants suitable for free range chicken and duck slaughtering, which includes the businesses of rustic chicken, with the Nho Bento brand, and duck, with the Germania brand.
Research has shown that indoor air quality is a major concern for people in Middle East," said LG Electronics Air-conditioning Company chief executive officer Hwan-yong Nho.
This 'impossible' combination can also be said to characterize his latest large public work in Norway, namely the eight-story glass facade of the NHO Corporate Headquarters in Oslo.
Nam Thai served as resident monk from then until 2001, when he was replaced by a female monk named Thick Nu Nho Tan, who reportedly changed the locks on Mr.
Our new organization is better positioned to compete in the global HVAC market and will allow us to better serve our customers," said Hwan-yong Nho, CEO of LG Air Conditioning Company.
Executive Vice President Hwan Yong Nho, formerly head of the air conditioning division at DA, has been named CEO of the new Company.
Boyles go 11-4 that both Ronaldi nho and Real Madrid's Robinho sign for Chelsea this summer.