NHPPDNursing Hours per Patient Day
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Both positions, which have been advertised, were above the NHPPD and represent a big win for the branch.
Executive Dashboards and Reports -- new enhancements provide visibility into compliance status at all times and compare scheduled staff and actuals worked with NHPPD budgets and minimums.
Spot checks allowed us to demonstrate clearly and objectively that the NHPPD staffing was below the minimum Award requirement for a prolonged period.
The NSWNMA says the award provision of six NHPPD (nursing hours per patient day) is not a target but a minimum.
We have never disputed the existence of "nursing-hours-per-patient-day" but NHPPD can clearly be translated into ratios in the award.
We have never disputed the existence of NHPPD (we want to improve on it).
UPPER GASTROINTESTINAL BLEEDING--A retrospective study of three adult tertiary hospitals in Perth by Twigg (2010) utilised 236,454 patient records and 150,925 nurse staffing records and found that increased NHPPD lead to a 37% decrease in ulcer/gastritis/upper GI bleeds.
5% over three years negotiated with the previous government as a package which included the Nurse to Patient Ratios delivered by NHPPD.
The most recent visit by constituents of the Health Minister extracted a verbal commitment to retention of NHPPD (nursing hours per patient day), but no commitment to expand them or ratios to other much needed areas.