NHPPDNursing Hours per Patient Day
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On units such as general wards that use a varied skill mix, we increasingly see AiNs being counted in the NHPPD numbers.
For example, summary nursing care hours and costs can be allocated to each patient rather than use of NHPPD to examine changes by day of stay, within and across diagnosis-related groups, or used to unbundle nursing care from daily room charges to provide a more transparent and fair billing model for nursing care.
0 NHPPD is the minimum number of hours possible in NHPPD wards and that there may be occasions where patient need will require additional staffing".
In addition, data were extracted from national VHA databases for all facilities with inpatient units between October 1, 2009 and July 30, 2014 to create a NHPPD for all nursing personnel across all inpatient units and aggregated to the entire VHA.
Where an absence is to be filled to maintain the required NHPPD, the default position requires that it be fully backfilled and not partially backfilled (for example an absence that creates an 8.
The current work shows the unoccupied bed is not resource neutral and will augment the growing knowledge we have regarding NHPPD and thus the nursing resources required to deliver safe nursing care.
Both positions, which have been advertised, were above the NHPPD and represent a big win for the branch.
Also, NHPPD are added up over the month, so if you have high hours at the beginning of the month, you may have to cut staffing back at the end of the month so as not to go over your monthly allocation.
5 NHPPD ratio won at Lifehouse is equivalent to a Peer Group B hospital such as Blacktown or Canterbury.