NHPRNew Hampshire Public Radio
NHPRNonprofit Housing Production and Repair (Kentucky Housing Corporation)
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99) On the other hand, with a regulatory framework such as NHPR, the United States could preempt most health risks by approving the product prior to consumption by over one hundred million Americans.
Very powerful," says NHPR senior editor Jon Greenberg, who spearheaded both projects.
This event, featuring legendary NHPR radio host Diane Rehm, filled the Music Hall and allowed the 80-year-old Rehm to read from her recent book, "On My Own," and answer questions from the audience on the subject of end-of-life issues and choices highlighted in her book, as well as other matters of interest.
Rather, like the NHPR piece I mentioned at the beginning, by focusing less on what makes us different and more on what makes us the same, we can reach marvelous heights in both business and personal development.
Members of the Lake Sunapee Bank and NHPR teams made a recent visit to the NHPR recording studios in Concord.
WHAT: Meet President & CEO Betsy Gardella as well as some of the programming staff that make NHPR possible.
She hemmed, hawed, swallowed and basically told the NHPR reporter it was none of our business.
NHPR also has announced that it was the recipient of four Edward R.
What will NHPR look--or sound like, as the case may be--in five years?
Tickets are $13 or $11 for members of The Music Hall and NHPR.
In airing an edited version of the hourlong debate, it turns out, an NHPR producer wound up cutting out from the following statement by Hassan the words "that tax, eh':