NHPRCNational Historical Publications and Records Commission
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Since 1964, the NHPRC has awarded nearly 5,000 grants and created new initiatives such as Founders Online and the Digital Editions Publishing Cooperatives program.
MEDICA was born from the same 2006 NHPRC grant, which mandated the implementation of an EAD program to facilitate worldwide promotion of the collections.
Because of the demonstrable success of its projects beginning with the NHPRC grant in 2006, the Waring has secured additional grants to fund other digitization partnerships.
Press is honored to be working with NHPRC and MarkLogic on Founders Online, said Mark H.
The second grant, awarded by the NHPRC (National Historical Records and Publications Commission) in January 2010, focuses exclusively on building the Digital Curriculum Laboratory.
2435 20 400129), the NHPRC (Project Name: Archives and Preservation Digital Curriculum Lab), and the Pottruck Technology Resource Center, Simmons College for the award of a Curriculum Technology Support Grant.
The NHPRC is the grant-making arm of the National Archives and since 1964 has been supporting projects across the nation to preserve and publish historical records.
The NHPRC Persistent Archive Testbed (PAT) (9) links archives across multiple state institutions.
The NHPRC study differs from other studies of electronic records and records manager's duties in that it explored the broad duties as well as the context for managing electronic documents successfully within large corporations.
said the elimination of funding for NHPRC was "most distressing.
The NHPRC study recommends that organizations provide three separate but closely coordinated roles in the management of their Web sites:
During a conference on research in electronic records (Atkins 1996), the research agenda drafted by the NHPRC five years earlier was revised.