NHPRCNational Historical Publications and Records Commission
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Press is honored to be working with NHPRC and MarkLogic on Founders Online, said Mark H.
The NHPRC is the grant-making arm of the National Archives and since 1964 has been supporting projects across the nation to preserve and publish historical records.
The NHPRC Persistent Archive Testbed (PAT) (9) links archives across multiple state institutions.
The NARA research prototype persistent archive and NHPRC Persistent Archive Testbed illustrate two different approaches to the implementation of a preservation environment.
The collaborators on the NHPRC PAT project are Charles E.
The NHPRC study differs from other studies of electronic records and records manager's duties in that it explored the broad duties as well as the context for managing electronic documents successfully within large corporations.
The NHPRC study explored the participants' advisory roles within their organizations as reflected in their informal networks.
said the elimination of funding for NHPRC was "most distressing.
Archivists across the nation are rallying to save NHPRC and ensure that NARA has sufficient funding to sustain its current programs and continue to advance in areas that benefit all archival repositories and every U.
They've sent letters of support to Senate and House appropriators asking them to save NHPRC funding.
The NHPRC study recommends that organizations provide three separate but closely coordinated roles in the management of their Web sites: