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NHPSNorth Haven Public Schools (Connecticut)
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increase available seats in all NHPS choice programs; and 5.
Additionally, the interdistrict approach has enabled New Haven students to select schools in other districts and has attracted more suburban students to the inner city due to the array of NHPS magnet school opportunities.
David Kikoler, the local evaluator contracted by the district for the NHPS program, said, "We do a lot of evaluations with many programs, but the innovations in New Haven are impressive because of a couple of dimensions .
A key innovation is the NHPS Lighthouse Schools' concept created under the first VPSC grant cycle.
Bob Canelli, a lifelong educator and project director for the NHPS grant, said Lighthouse Schools build capacity to assist low-performing schools and better serve children by catering to their interests and learning styles.
A pamphlet will then be published by the NHPS containing all the names of stores in the borough which allow breast-feeding.
After carrying out analysis of its investigations the NHPS concluded that "drinking water was the most likely source, in particular water from Llyn Cwellyn".
Although some sufferers notified environmental health bosses as early as September 2005 the NHPS denied they were slow in reacting to the outbreak and dragged their feet before making it public.
Last night NHPS spokesman Chris Lines denied criticism that they had been dragging their feet.
The NHPS team includes staff from Anglesey and Gwynedd Councils, local health boards, Welsh Water and the NHPS, including the directors of the Communicable Disease Surveillance Service and the Cryptosporidium Reference Laboratory.
Last night, the NHPS confirmed 72 cases of Cryptosporidium since the beginning of October.