NHPTNew Haven Preservation Trust (New Haven, CT; est. 1961)
NHPTNew Horizons Physical Therapy (Hamilton, MT)
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The NHPT was chosen as the comparison for the construct validity of this new top-down assessment since the NHPT has moderate construct validity with the "gold standard" PPMT and the board and pegs for the standardized NHPT could be constructed in Bangladesh out of wood, according to the original specifications (Mathiowetz et al.
The participants were timed and the scores were compared with the participants' times completing the NHPT (Lindstrom et al.
The raters first read the NHPT instruction sheets developed by Mathiowetz et al.
Figure 1 shows VAS, DHI, GS, PS, and NHPT values of the groups in measurements 1, 2, and 3 (Figure 2).
The NHPT measurements showed improvement in the speed and dexterity of both hands in the control group and in the left hand in the study group.
At the end of the six-week exercise program, improvements were noted in both groups in terms of VAS score, DHI, NHPT, and HS and exercise types were not superior to each other.
Measure Group Mean [+ or -] Standard Deviation Before Treatment After Treatment NHPT (s) S 39.
However, only the Grip Strength and NHPT produce continuous data.
Results of the bending and NHPT tests were subjected to an analysis of variance (ANOVA) appropriate for a balanced multi-level design.
The effect of strand orientation (board type), wood species, and their interaction on MOR, MOE, and NHPT are shown in Table 3.
evaluated the efficacy of a task-oriented intervention in enhancing arm function and concluded that the BBT was substantially more responsive to improvement in UL function than the NHPT for patients within 1 year of a first or recurrent stroke [14].
investigated the test-retest reproducibility and smallest real difference of five hand function domain tests (BBT, NHPT, grip strength, palmar pinch strength, and lateral pinch strength) in 62 patients with stroke [12].