NHPTNew Haven Preservation Trust (New Haven, CT; est. 1961)
NHPTNew Horizons Physical Therapy (Hamilton, MT)
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TABLE 3 Effects of strand orientation (board type), species, and board density on the MOR, MOE, and NHPT of WWCBs.
investigated the test-retest reproducibility and smallest real difference of five hand function domain tests (BBT, NHPT, grip strength, palmar pinch strength, and lateral pinch strength) in 62 patients with stroke [12].
Beebe and Lang examined the relationships and responsiveness of six UL function tests (ARAT, NHPT, grip strength test, pinch strength test, Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test, and SIS hand function domain) during the first 6 months poststroke [16].
In general, the relative capacity among the BBT, NHPT, and ARAT to detect a change in dexterous function in patients with chronic stroke after interventions remains unclear.
The three main outcome measures we used for evaluating hand dexterity were the BBT, NHPT, and ARAT.
The NHPT is a timed test of fine manual dexterity [29].
We administered three other well developed outcome measures-the FMA, the Motor Activity Log (MAL), and the SIS-to test the concurrent validity of the BBT, NHPT, and ARAT.
We used bivariate correlational analysis to examine the concurrent validity of the BBT, NHPT, and ARAT.
The responsiveness of the BBT, NHPT, and ARAT was moderate from pretreatment to posttreatment (SRM = 0.
The NHPT showed relatively low to fair correlations with the FMA and MAL at pretreattment ([rho] = -0.
While simultaneously considering the responsiveness and validity attributes, the BBT and ARAT may be relatively sound dexterous outcome measures in stroke rehabilitation compared with the NHPT.
The similar degree of responsiveness between the BBT and NHPT in this study differs from the findings of Higgins et al.