NHPTVNew Hampshire Public Television
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Also effective July 1, NHPTV is no longer a wholly owned subsidiary of the University System of New Hampshire, but an independent 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.
At a time when there's a lack of distinction in what's available on TV, NHPTV offers the citizens of the Granite State a real advantage in three realms: our commercial-free, locally focused and PBS TV programs; our educational engagement resources (on-air, online and in the community); and a state-of-the art public safety communications infrastructure NHPTV is New Hampshire's only statewide, locally owned and operated TV network, and we reach 98 percent of the state We're available flee, over the air, for all, including those who lack access or cannot afford cable TV.
NHPTV is facing its future head on and redefining how to get things done in this era of fewer resources.
To cut funding off entirely and immediately by prohibiting the university system from funding NHPTV is a meat-ax approach.
NHPTV provides services to the state that are not obvious.
More importantly, the value of NHPTV as an institution in New Hampshire should be reaffirmed, saluted and continued.
NHPTV has been part of UNH since 1960, with its broadcasting license held by the USNH board, which will continue to hold the license.
This change is an opportunity for NHPTV to more nimbly adapt and respond to viewer needs and interests, and to provide targeted educational programs, partnerships and services to the greater New Hampshire community," said NHPTV General Manager Peter Frid.
As part of the change approved by the USNH Board, the NHPTV board will have control of NHPTV assets with some restrictions and USNH requirements.
Absolutely," said Trish Ballentyne, NHPTV auction manager.
The Initiative for Corporate Responsibility and Investor Protection and NHPTV are collaborating on the series, which will focus on issues relating to corporate governance, business ethics, and investor protection.
The interviews will be taped live on New Hampshire college and university campuses and will air on NHPTV as "NH Outlook" specials beginning in September,