NHQINursing Home Quality Initiative
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In November 2002 for the national NHQI rollout, CMS placed advertisements in 71 newspapers across all 50 states and also promoted Nursing Home Compare in national television advertisements.
Among consumers, Nursing Home Compare's popularity increased greatly following the national rollout of the NHQI.
The RHQDAPU and NHQI rely on "objective" data as a measure of quality.
Like the RHQDAPU and the NHQI, CMS intends to post the results once a statistically significant amount of data is collected.
Abbreviations: AD = Alzheimer's disease, ADD = Assessment of Discomfort in Dementia, CFE = cognitive failure episode, CI = confidence interval, ICU = intensive care unit, MMSE = MiniMental State Examination, NHQI = Nursing Home Quality Initiative, NSAID = nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, OR = odds ratio, QIO = quality improvement organization, STI = Serial Trial Intervention, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VHA = Veterans Health Administration.
The NHQI is an important first step towards using quality measurement to help consumers and their families make better-informed decisions when selecting a nursing home.
The NHQI also recognizes that public information presents other market pressures to improve performance.
The demonstrable, quantifiable success of NHQI is giving momentum and support to the movement within the long-term care community to increase quality care, despite the challenging environment.
Stephen Guillard, Chairman of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care and CEO of Harborside Healthcare -- a national skilled nursing facility company -- stated, "Two critical actions have contributed to improvements in quality: first, the Bush Administration established NHQI and is working collaboratively with providers to help make us part of the solution; second, the Administration restored critical funding last year that's helped stabilize the long-term care sector following billions in budget cuts.
By November of last year, when the NHQI was launched nationally, this facility's reported number for chronic pain was down to 6.
The workshops are the first step nursing homes can take to get involved with the NHQI and the quality improvement organization.
Another part of the NHQI involves a technical assistance program by Pennsylvania's quality improvement organization, Quality Insights of Pennsylvania, which over the next several months will begin working with nursing homes to adopt more effective care practices, expand their quality improvement strategies, and continually improve care outcomes.