NHQRNational Healthcare Quality Report
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First, we wanted to examine multiyear trends in annual incidence rates for the PSIs, which AHRQ had not reported in the NHQRs.
Similar to results reported in the NHQRs, we generally observe that recent historical trends in national safety outcomes have been mixed: Some adverse outcomes have become more frequent over time, others less so, while still others appear to have remained fairly stable.
Both our own work, and the NHQRs, have been limited in this regard: New data resources and measurements covering ambulatory and long-term care settings are strongly needed.
Variation in health care quality remains high: The NHQR collects data on health care quality for States and uses maps to present some of the data.
In addition to increasing the breadth and granularity of the NHQR and NHDR, we have also improved how they can be used by creating better web tools with increased access to data and graphs and presenting future reports in a new format that will allow us to go deeper into the measures.
The NHQR/NHDR State Snapshots are based on data from the NHQR and NHDR and present state-level data in graphical displays, or dashboards, which indicate the status of health care for selected topic areas.
8 percent improvement--the same rate of improvement as reported in the 2004 NHQR.
The issues--like the NHQR and NHD--are closely related.