NHRECNew Hampshire Real Estate Commission
NHRECNational Health Research Ethics Committee (various locations)
NHRECNew Horizons Regional Education Center (Virginia)
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Contractor will provide or make available high quality and appropriate health care, pharmacy services, and dental care insurance to all eligible NHREC employees, as defined in this contract.
All the HRECs followed the guidelines of the NHREC, which is the national and supervising body.
Nigeria had no laws or specific guidelines to regulate health research until the NHREC was established in 2005 by the Minister of Health as the body responsible for ensuring the protection of human research participants.
The NHREC has published a list of accredited HRECs, also known as ethics review committees or institutional review boards or committees, in various parts of Nigeria.
Allocation of more funding to the NHREC and HRECs for better functioning.
This section must be read in concert with the NHREC guidelines, which set obligations for obtaining ethical approval.
This means that the legislature intended all forms of health research to: (i) fall within national research priorities if being conducted by the public sector or with state funding, (ii) be regulated by the NHREC, and (iii) be submitted for ethical review.
The NHREC has recently taken steps to accredit GCP service providers to ensure that minimum standards are required when GCP certification is provided, and a process to set minimum training standards is currently underway.
Evidence suggests that with the promulgation of the current Health Act and the statutory oversight of the NHREC, requiring registration and compliance of all South African RECs, and ethics review of all health and related research in South Africa, there are fewer loopholes for the conduct of inadequately reviewed research than in many developed countries.
The SA NHREC guidelines require that all REC members receive initial and ongoing training in research ethics, so this point is uncontroversial.
The NHREC should adopt TIE payment, draft standardised rates for procedures, discuss these with stakeholders, recommend their implementation for a trial period, and ratify these rates.
HAVEG is funded by the South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI), and Ms Slack is a member of the NHREC.