NHRINational Human Rights Institutions
NHRINational Hydrology Research Institute
NHRINational Hurricane Research Initiative
NHRINatural Health Research Institute (est. 2002; Tulsa, OK)
NHRINebraska Human Resources Institute
NHRINational Health Research Institution (Taiwan)
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In order to understand the place of SNHRIs in the international system, it is first necessary to examine the existing framework for NHRI engagement, which provides the context for current SNHRI engagement.
However, the CRPD Committee has not yet squarely addressed whether all of the institutions in a multiple mechanism article 33(2) framework must be Paris Principles compliant or whether inclusion of one Paris Principles compliant NHRI will suffice.
On April 25, 2010, Royal Order 16/2010 appointed 17 men and five women as the first members of NHRI, including prominent rights activists Salman Al Sayyid and Salman Kamal Al Din, former deputy secretary-general of independent Bahrain Human Rights Society, as president.
During its stay, the delegation held working sessions with the Algerian NHRI with high political and administrative authorities and with civil society.
These conditions include the political environment in certain states and the support of the NGO, NHRI and international communities.
Has the NHRI been accredited by the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (ICC)?
In other research programs, NHRI concentrates its analytical expertise on the fate and transport of priority substances in aquatic ecosystems.
The latest UPR took place in 2015 and highlighted a number of concerns over the human rights situation, including the use of military tribunals for civilians, the death penalty and the delay in establishing an independent NHRI.
This status is given to those NHRIs, which, after a rigorous process of review every five years, are found fully compliant with the UN mandated Paris Principles.
NHRI Paper 24, Inland Waters Directorate, Environment Canada, 75 pp.
Parliament passed the law creating the independent National Commission for Human Rights and the NHRI, but it has yet to become operational.