NHRONational Human Rights Office (Latvia)
NHRONorton Healthcare Research Office (est. 2001; Louisville, KY)
NHRONational Human Rights Observatory (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
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Project details : The Undergraduate partnership NHRO / SNU (2008-2011) was prepared following the launch of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) and the creation of the National Observatory of Human Development (NHRO) as tool monitoring and evaluation of public policies on human development.
The NHRO and the UN System Extend Partnership for joint programming focused on results.
The approach of multidimensional poverty is integrated into the work of the NHRO is shared with many national and international experts, public institutions, NGOs, etc;
The oldest NHRO member chairs the first meeting of the newly-appointed members, who have to elect a chairman and deputy chairman for four-year terms.
NHRO members will be appointed by a Royal Decree for a four-year term that can be renewed once.
The oldest NHRO chairs the first meeting of the newly-appointed members, who have to elect a Chairman and Deputy Chairman for four-year terms.
In this context, NHRO called for the need to consolidate the basic rights of the citizens regardless of their sectarian affiliations, urging all citizens to cooperate fully with the concerned sides as outlined by the State of National Safety for the sake of protecting every one's security and safety.
His Majesty described Islamic precepts and authentic Arabic values as key pillars of the NHRO.
Mr Kamaluddine extended thanks to His Majesty on behalf of NHRO members, for trusting in them, vowing to be up to the historical responsibility.