NHRSNational Health Research System (Philippines)
NHRSNational Human Rights Society (Saudi Arabia)
NHRSNew Hampshire Rose Society (est. 1976)
NHRSNormal Human Reference Serum
NHRSNew Hampshire Retirement System
NHRSNational Human Rights Structure
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NHRS has 475 participating employers - the State of New Hampshire, individual communities, school districts, counties, and others.
We look forward to partnering with NHRS and delivering unmatched support in every phase of our relationship.
The NHRS would track the resources available and spent on research in the country and monitor its impact on health.
NHRS benefits have a significant positive impact on the New Hampshire economy.
4 billion in assets, more than 85,000 members and retirees, and a 157-page governing statute, there is much, much more to know about NHRS.
Our goal is to improve the dialogue by laying out some key concepts and facts about NHRS in an easy-to-read format that's accessible to a wide audience.
NHRS, in its report in December, had sought for abolishing the current sponsorship system, which is instrumental in depriving many rights of foreigners working in the kingdom, and initiated studies to draft a system to replace it.
The NHRS study includes guidelines to prevent existing types of pressure exercised to exploit foreign workers in any other job than the one for which they have been originally hired for.
Arab News learned the NHRS representative, Maetuk Al-Shareef, visited the detainee in the deportation center on Oct.
The detainee told the NHRS official he had no idea where his father and brother were and that he had been looking for them for the past several years.
NHRS is the institutional Lead Plaintiff in the litigation.
NHRS urged these improvements as a condition of settlement, in order to strengthen the Company under the oversight of a more robustly independent board of directors.