NHSACANational High School Athletic Coaches Association
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Coach Hawk served as president of the NHSACA in 1980, and was elected to the NHSACA Hall of Fame in 1980.
With the help of the NHSACA, our immediate goal will be to arm those in academic and sports leadership roles with our young people with useful information and tools on drug and alcohol abuse prevention as quickly and effectively as possible.
The NHSACA provides coaches and athletic directors -- regardless of the size of school, win-loss record, or the sport coached -- with the opportunity to become involved in setting the high school coaching agenda of the future.
based NHSACA, the country's only high school coaches association created and governed by coaches.
The winners are chosen by NHSACA and will be announced on June 27th.
The importance of recognizing high school student-athletes who have shown athletic ability, academic excellence, and pride in working in their community is so important to our towns, states and nation," said John McGinnis, president of NHSACA.
Applications are available on the NHSACA Web site at www.