NHSBSANational Health Service Business Services Authority (UK)
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Nina Monckton, chief insight officer at the NHSBSA said: The NHS sits on billions of data points that have the potential to deliver tremendous value to the wider healthcare system in the UK when combined and analysed effectively.
The ability to manipulate and draw insight from patient data has also helped the NHSBSA to manage prescriptions more securely and fight the pressing issue of anti-microbial resistance.
The United Nations General Assembly unanimously agreed to tackle this issue just over a year ago, and by taking a data-driven approach to cut down the unnecessary use of broad spectrum antibiotics, the NHSBSA is showing the world how technology can help in the fight against over-medication and the rise of drug-resistant disease.
The NHSBSA is not bound to award a contract as a result of this process.
The NHSBSA has responsibility for the administration of the NHS Pension Scheme in England and Wales.
NHSBSA wishes to procure for the benefit of Public Health England and the UK Devolved Administrations (Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland) in the region of 236 000 000 Face Masks (which form part of a suite of products procured under separate Framework Agreements) to be distributed in the event of a pandemic Influenza or any other health related emergency across the UK.
Looking ahead beyond of expiry of our current contract with capita, And aligning to the nhsbsas strategic objectives to reduce transaction costs by 50 % whilst delivering improved service and great results for customers, Our vision is for our customers to self-serve as much as possible to the extent that our customer service agents are only required to interact directly with customers by exception.