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NHSCNational Health Service Corps
NHSCNational Horse Show Commission
NHSCNational Historic Ships Committee (UK)
NHSCNational Homeland Security Council
NHSCNeighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
NHSCNational Highway Safety Council
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Prizes were presented to the top six overall winners by Rodney Abreu, sales executive of NHSC, and to the 'nearest the pin' competitors.
Malcolm will assist in identifying the priorities for the NHSC and advise on policy and future program issues and concerns through ongoing communication with staff, other professional organizations, and the communities the NHSC serves.
Following play, Richard Pawson facilitated the prize-giving ceremony attended by NHSC sales executive Sooraj Gopinath.
Through these various programs, the Division of Rural Health and Recruitment has placed a total of 154 NHSC providers; 52 SLRP providers; 47 RRCP providers and 94 J-Visa physicians since 2008.
For more information about NHSC programs, please visit www.
GROVER: The ACA created a mandatory fund for the NHSC that more than doubles previous funding levels, starting with $290 million for fiscal year 2011 and increasing by $5 million each year through fiscal year 2015.
GROVER: The NHSC makes award determinations based on the demonstrated need of the facilities in under-served areas that are seeking NHSC providers and does not preallocate awards by discipline or specialty.
If you provide primary health care to underserved Nevadans and meet the following criteria, your practice might be eligible to be a NHSC approved site:
The NHSC offers tax-free student loan repayment, in addition to salary, in exchange for working in communities with limited access to care to fully trained and licensed mental health professionals.
And for the first time, clinicians may apply to the NHSC Loan Repayment Program online, where they will find tutorials and additional information to assist in the application process.
The NHSC operates two companion programs that both seek to expand provider capacity in areas that have been designated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) as health professional shortage areas (HPSAs).
Despite these increases, both health centers and the NHSC program report continued need for additional dentists and other dental providers to treat children and adults in underserved areas.